Property History

Luckey, Platt & Company building was the largest store between New York City and Albany.
The showroom spanned 60,000 square feet of floor space boasting 33 departments with
over 400 employees.
historical image of Luckey Platt
Luckey, Platt & Company was founded in 1869; the first storefront located at 336 & 346 Main Street opened in 1875.
Luckey Platt
Percival Lloyd designed the furniture annex in 1910 which still stands today.
The final expansion was completed in 1924, which today stands as the flagship Luckey Platt building on the corner of Main Street and Academy.
In 1975 Luckey, Platt, & Company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy with the main store closing its door permanently in 1981.
The building sat vacant for over 20 years, resulting in major damage including several collapsed floors.
Old Building in Poughkeepsie
In 2004 the building was purchased from the city and converted to apartments.
Old Building in Poughkeepsie
The property is undergoing new interior and exterior renovations throughout 2020 – 2021

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